The Technology

An Hydro Thermal Bacteriolysis (HTB) installation would have few moving parts and limited wear and therefore a long life. Our system, branded as Deconizer, is a device which is placed at the end of the slaughter line. The carcasses are treated with a combination of steam and water. The process removes up to 99.9 percent of the harmful bacteria before cooling.

The principles of Hydro Thermal Bacteriolysis (HTB):

With HTB installed the customer can be more confident that pathogenic bacteria do not follow on with the carcass into the processing stage. This means that the customers can increase the utilisation of their existing investments through:

  • Continuous improvements and more value creation
  • Optimal Process Layout (OPL)
  • Release resources to improve the processes at the slaughterhouse
  • Improve the control processes and routines in the entire value chain (from slaughterhouse to end user)
  • Fewer resources required to manage the control of bacteria
  • Improved trust internally and more confidence in customers providing safe food
  • System benefits (complicated products)