The Company

Vidar Julien, CEO of Decon SFS, together with the Deconizer that is placed at the end of the slaughter line. By using the Hydro Termal Bacteriolysis technology up to 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria is removed from the carcass.

Decon SFS AS is a Norwegian company which has developed a new slaughter line technology to remove harmful bacteria.

Decon SFS's technology, Hydro Thermal Bacteriolysis (HBT) eliminates dangerous bacteria from slaughtered chicken without adversely affecting the meat. No additives or chemicals are used, bacterial removal is carried out with water and steam. The result is a chicken that is healthy, safe and tasty.

Our vision is to make food safer, and by eliminating potentially  dangerous bacteria we provide great benefits for our customers, the consumers and our society. Our solution enhance food safety, extend shelf life, reduce food waste and add value to food items.