About our usage of cookies

When you visit our site, we record different types of information about you in a "cookie." A cookie is, in short, a small file that is stored locally in your browser. A cookie can not perform actions, perform actions or be harmful/contain viruses.

What user information is registered

When you visit our website, we record different types of information about you as a user:

  • Your position, using a part of your IP address, location data
  • Your web behavior, i.e. which pages you visit on our site, how often you visit and what you do on the various pages
  • Technical information about your browser and your operating system

All information is automatically anonymized and will not be used by either us or any third party to identify you as a person. Nor will the information be used for marketing purposes, just strictly for analytical purposes.

How we collect and store information about you

Information about you as a user is captured and stored using cookies and in some cases a part of your IP address, which is anonymized and unavailable to us and the third party.

All data traffic between your browser and our servers is encrypted and is stored with our strict data security requirements. The same goes for all traffic to third parties, which is Google Analytics.

The purposes of using data collected on the site

Data generated from your web behavior is being used for different purposes:

Cookies for analytical purposes:


  • Owner: Google
  • Expires: after 1 minute
  • Purpose: This cookie is used to gather information on specific page elements that have a Google Tag, which is created in Google Tag Manager. The information collected will depend on your user behavior on the site; primarily what you click on and if you make use of our contact forms. We collect this information to see how our webpage is experienced by users, and to improve the functionality and content. The information is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to a single person


  • Owner: Google
  • Expires: the cookie itself expires after 2 years, but anonymous user and event data will be removed in Google Analytics after 14 months from the date the data was recorded.
  • Purpose: this cookie is used in a similar way as _gat, but it collects information in general about your journey on the website; what you click on, how long you are on different pages, and if you make use our contact forms or calculator.We collect this information to see how the website is experienced by users, andto improve the functionality and content.The information is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to a single person. User and event data associated with cookies, user identifiers, or advertising identifiers are stored in Google Analytics


  • Owner: Google
  • Expires: after 24 hours
  • Purpose: the purpose of this cookie is the same as _ga, but this cookie's specific feature is to distinguish between users of the site. It does this by using a part of your IP address and it also finds your approximate location from this bit of the IP address .Location data isn’t more accurate than a city or town, and cannot be linked to a person’s home adress. Your IP address will be anonymized both for us and Google in this process.

Block or delete cookies

You can block cookies and delete registered cookies in your browser if you wish. However, we note that this may prevent some of the functionality of the site, especially the cookie « ».   There are multiple easy guides for managing your cookies in different browsers available, and this is one of them https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-delete-cookies-2617981